SCHOCK offers integrated system solutions.

SCHOCK has many years of expertise in the assembly and manufacture of complex assemblies. Our customers can therefore also purchase a finished assembly from SCHOCK instead of many individual components.

Schock Group: Ürün grupları, Mercedes S-Serisi komponent
Schock Group: Ürün grupları, öğe görünümü

We offer our customers an “all-in-one” service at the highest level: from profile and assembly to integrated system solutions. They benefit from our manufacturing sites with experienced teams in assembly, surface finishing, quality assurance and logistics.

Service overview:

  • Assembling complex assemblies
  • Joining, welding, connecting
  • Stamping, embossing and bending technology
  • Surface finishing
  • Integrated function test
  • Procurement of purchased parts
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Schock Group: Ürün grupları, sürtünme freni
  • Schock Group: Ürün grupları, çekmece Smart
  • Schock Group: Baugruppen, Backrost Amerika


Maximum added value made by SCHOCK.